Recently to the surprise of many, the Center for Disease Control recently changed it’s definition of vaccine in regards to the Covid cocktail. They changed the terminology to “preparation” and it may not surprise many as to why. The ‘vaccine’ as it was previously called, has a high rate of re-infection despite being ‘vaccinated’. Many government workers and private sector Hospitals and large businesses are making it a requirement to be vaccinated.

Many people are vaccinated, and data supports the fact that this vaccine declines in efficacy after only 4-8 months. A booster shot? What was wrong with the first dose?

It’s important to remember that this concoction, or as they call it ‘preparation’ was given ‘Emergency Approval’ by the FDA versus the years of double blind studies on mice and then on people. This cocktail supposedly was sold as a vaccine.

As it turns out, a year or more into the politically fueled debate, or mandate in some places, we are learning that it actually does not vaccinate. It is not a vaccine and it does not prevent an individual from either becoming re-infection or prevent them from infecting others. What kind of vaccine doesn’t vaccinate. Hence CDC updates their terminology.

Do people even know what is in this or how it is created. Can your doctor actually tell you what is in the ‘preparation/vaccine’ or which shot is NOT created via mRNA? Can they cite a source. I have a family member with Stage 4 cancer, who was recently denied healthcare for not following Western medicine ( chemo and radiation ) and instead utilizing holistic ‘Preparations’ like Monoclonal Antibodies, Invermectin, Stem Cells, and other infusions that are much less dangerous than Covid preparations.

But if the CDC is changing it’s tune to “preparation”, what does Mainstream media have to say for itself after vilifying people like Joe Rogan ( Sanjay Gupta and friends on CNN ). What do they say about trashing actually medically qualified people – since opinion pieces aren’t exactly sound medical advice. Aren’t they being shunned in their fields with hospitals mandating vaccinations to provide simple procedures like an endoscopy.

What about the stories of hospitals breaking their own Patient Bill of Rights and Hippocratic Oath in denying individuals a right to life, liberty and justice. Indeed the Hippocratic Oath has become subjective and now the Hypocrite Oath.

Imagine your doctor refusing to run extra MRI’s or endoscopies to check your progress of the holistic, non-Western medicine for not taking a vaccine that really isn’t a vaccine. It makes you wonder and think twice about putting your health and ultimately your life into the hands of a stranger.

It’s a dangerous rabbit hole when unseen forces are cutting off fuel supplies in the form of shutting down North American pipelines, government employees being fired for not OBEY’ing as John Carpenter put it so well in the classic cult film “They Live”.

We live in a seriously dangerous time when professional medical doctors and PhD’s are afraid to speak their minds and lose their jobs or tenure because of a charged political atmosphere. This woke mob is asleep hard at the wheel, even our military is focusing on Socialist, liberal political agendas while China is launching hypersonic technology under the radar.

How prepared are we, and will this toxic cancel culture be here until itself is cancelled. Some article information was sourced from:

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