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In this day an age, almost everything has been politicized. The politicization of everything has created a great and unnecessary division of our population and a new cancer of ideological racism that has in-fact become the most prevalent form of systemic racism of our time. The one thing that transcends partisanship is our Civil Liberties and Freedoms. While the issues taken on by We The People may have been politicized by politicians, the issues and approach to the issues is explicitly non-partisan and based on constitutional protections guaranteed to all Americans.

The AFCLF Difference

Holistic Approach

Each of our people-powered issues involve a holistic approach to being the most effective. Nobody builds a house with just a hammer. We combine advocacy, lobbying, activism, volunteerism, media/transparency and other tools available in the best combinations to achieve the missions that are important to We The People.



The AFCLF is a decentralized, people-powered movement for Activism and Action for Civil Liberties. It is comprised of various Boards, Operational Committees, Issue Committees, and Activism Counsels. The AFCLF can make a greater impact per operational dollar given our unique ability to mobilize engagement nationally based on issues that matter to WE THE PEOPLE, and as a consequence of taking a holistic approach to issues uncharacteristic of most non-profits in the country.

What We Do

One Nation under god

America is unique. It is the only country in the world founded upon with a separation of church and state while concurrently and explicitly integrating God into nearly everything, from our national anthem, constitution, currency, slogans, buildings, etc. America, founded upon a protestant ethic, also reflected God’s inclusiveness in the well known concept of the separation of church and state. This was intended to prevent our government from endorsing a single religion or faith. It does not, however, relinquish God as highest power, which is not to be confused with a particular religion as the existence and power of God is a universal principle in nearly all forms of world religion. Not only did the Founding fathers integrate God permanently into the American Fabric, centuries of our two-party system continued to acknowledge and perpetuate the fundamental understanding that God is present, real, and integral to a free and democratic society.

Top Issues We are Fighting

Country Over Party

Your Civil Liberties are not Red or Blue. They are Red, White, AND Blue. We are living in a time of the politization of everything. Civil Liberties Organizations with deeply partisan approaches are in fact not fighting for your Civil Liberties, they are fighting for partisan policies that perpetuate the “great divide” in our country and thus rarely take well-reasoned and sensible stances on issues that matter to the people. Taking a partisan stance on Civil Liberties is an attack on Civil Liberties itself and antithetical to what the Founders intended when they were created. The AFCLF takes on issues at the top of the public consciousness from full reasoned, transpartisan perspective with a position rooted solely in the defense of our rights and freedoms, and explicitly not supporting a political ideology.

Our Mission

Donor Advised

America was founded by We The People, for the people. That said, there has become a dangerously large administrative state of unelected officials combined an epidemic of public apathy and lack of civic involvement, leaving the country at a critical turning point. Will we step into our power and take the country back? Will We The People wake-up and step up? We The People hoid the most powerful rights to shape our country, but it also come with responsibilities to step into our power to shape our representative government. The great Martin Luther King stated that “our lives begin to end the day we fail to stand up for the things that matter”. Find your voice, and find your place at the AFCLF to use your God-given talents to stand for the things that matter . . . because our government will erode the rights of its people if we take them for granted.

Leadership & Organization

The First Transpartisan, People-Powered, And DonOR advised movement for civil liberties in America

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