The Election Integrity Fundraising Evening: 2020 Election Fraud Revealed

The American Foundation For Civil Liberties & Freedom(AFCLF), a trans-partisan civil liberties non-profit, has successfully hosted the event as a fundraiser for election integrity on Jul 9th and Jul 10th, 2o21. Michigan election lawsuit and investigation team, led by Matt DePerno ESQ have presented their findings that show proof of fraud and irregularities in the Michigan 2020 presidential election in this fundraising event in Los Angeles, CA. 

Patriots were gathered from California, Texas and Florida and joined this event. The proof of fraud and irregularities that has been presented shocked the entire audience and demonstrated the thorough forensic investigation that the Michigan Election Lawsuit team have been done. The presentation had followed with a Q&A session so the audience could ask questions and share thoughts on Election Integration. 

Randy Berholtz, Chair of the California Republican Party’s Election Integrity Committee, and Secretary of the State Republican Party was also a featured speaker of this fund raising event. Randy had shared studies of Election Fraud and general guidelines on how to prevent Election Fraud. 

After the presentations, AFCLF members and guests had a great gormet dinner together with the Michigan Election Lawsuit Team and further discussed how the forenic team did their researches and investigation. 

AFCLF Board of Directors Chairman Christopher Marston Esq. had hosted a 60 minutes talk show with Michigan Antrim County Election Fraud Lawsuit and Forensic team on July 10th. The 60 minutes talk show is under post production editing and will be presented very soon. 

AFCLF continues to fight for transparent and fair elections! 


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