Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been making waves lately down in the Sunshine state. Conservatives, moderates and the left have been very happy with his approach to the Covid situation for the most part with the ban on mask mandates, setting up monoclonal antibody treatment sites throughout the state starting in Broward county, keeping Big Tech in check and more. Few of our politicians are getting the job done the way DeSantis is. We heard a lot of moaning from RINOs in the 45th administration, but what really got done? Watching the GOP getting trampled on, with a front row seat, must have been hard to watch. The country eroded on their watch and now Democrat-led cities like Portland are starting to get increasingly unreasonable liberal agendas and taxpayer price hikes.

Asked recently if he had any plans to run for President in 2024 DeSantis declined, but this doesn’t necessarily rule out a VP ticket nomination with Trump. The gravity that Donald Trump carries is immense. In fact, he is currently backing GOP hopeful candidates running against rogue Republicans who voted against him in the sham impeachment proceedings. Those will be interesting to watch as they unfold, being a strong litmus test for Trump’s political weight.

Now to the trainwreck of Joe Biden’s presidency – or lack thereof – and we can see a strong shift in national sentiment away from more radical and nonsensical agendas such as defunding police and racist CRT being floated as education material in liberal states and districts. Democrats have become disenfranchised with their MSM leaders Pelosi and others who have remained somewhat quiet while the country burns, or Cuomo who was too busy watching his career burn. Remember Schiff? Where is the call for a China collusion investigation? Biden? Hunter? At least California is getting the job done
with recalling their incompetent governor Gavin Newsom.

Queue the stagelight for political heavyweight DeSantis, a fast rising GOP Republican star – doing everything he can to make it painfully obvious to Fauci and NIH/CDC that their guidelines have not been a success. This brings us to Governor DeSantis mask mandate ban – which was quickly litigated with the judge siding with the plaintiff, and quickly appealed by the DeSantis team. Florida has had a surge of COVID cases, but how solid is the data now? It’s been pointed out in other AFCLF articles that other illnesses such as RSV have made a resurgence and is more likely to have severe, deadly effects on children and elderly this year as a result of lockdown measurers. Last year it was 2 weeks to flatten the curve, now we have a variant that is sidelining existing emergency vaccines pushed on the people and now even mandated. Now people need boosters, or all new shots. DeSantis is instead setting up monoclonal antibody treatment sites throughout the state, highlighting his dedication to the people of Florida, especially the elderly population. Medical leaders have admitted that the vaccine may have a limited effect after 6 to 12 months, but who can trust any data coming out? Between elections and Fauci, Americans are getting fed up with the crossed signals between agencies and reporting, and accountability. 

DeSantis has not been afraid of Big Tech either. Remember when he previously put legislation in motion to allow individuals to sue Facebook, Twitter and YouTube when they are censored for conservative content? This also was shot down, yet we find ourselves in an even more ridiculous situation with Donald Trump permanently banned from FB and Twitter while Taliban leaders gloat over their new “independence” freely across those same American technocratic platforms. Anti-monopoly laws? How have those been working out? Our own government is not in charge when it can be silenced, and that should scare those who are really ‘awake’. Seriously – when ‘woke’ becomes synonymous with ‘asleep at the wheel’ as a herd-mentality, it’s time to take a look at how we label radical incompetence.

What more does the Governor have in store for us? I know Florida would love to keep him around, but if greatness calls for the 47th President or Cabinet – Floridians would be proud of DeSantis and his trailblazing approach to liberal nonsense and federal overreach. We need a strong backbone for VP or as Florida’s governor, and DeSantis can fill those shoes with ease. 

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