Forced Vaccinations Don’t Belong in the Workplace, or Schools

One of the most hotly debated topics today is preventative measures for the Covid epidemic. Many of us are at odds with which data to rely on, it conflicts often enough that a reasonable person would hesitate to accept which treatment is best for them. Now millions – especially in the medical field including hospitals and doctor’s offices – are losing their jobs because they don’t want to put an un-tested, non-effective, emergency authorized shot that can possibly cause conditions worse than Covid itself.

There are hundreds of cases of individuals who have had the vaccine – even twice – and still become tested positive for Covid and had to wait out the 14 days. One might ask “How did they get Covid after they got the vaccine?”. Imagine taking a flu shot and getting the flu a week later anyway. It would be frustrating to say the least, because you introduced the foreign bodies into your bloodstream to prevent getting the flu. We aren’t doctors, biochemists or specialists on vaccines, so the average American citizen would do well to have a reliable source of info that doesn’t change it’s mind every week. Remember in the beginning of Covid, they said masks weren’t needed, it can’t be transmitted via particles in the air.
Then it turns out Covid can live on many surfaces for days or weeks, and can be transmitted via the air. So again it is masks on!

Covid prevention has evolved quickly – almost as quickly as the vaccines being produced by many different companies. Some vaccines require a second shot, some are allegedly more effective than others. We would be smart to ask which vaccine is the most effective? Some manufacturers are now suggesting multiple vaccine shots. Many drugs being developed by pharmaceutical companies go through years of extensive testing before they become “FDA approved” – so how safe are Covid vaccines.

howAsk Google:  “Are Covid vaccines FDA approved?” and the CDC is quick to respond with the long version of “No”.

“Millions of people in the United States have received COVID-19 vaccines, since they were authorized for emergency use by FDA. These vaccines have undergone and will continue to undergo the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history.”

So what can we take away from this answer?

Well, first of all the question wasn’t “How many people have received Covid vaccines.” – and if that WAS the question, I would also be interested to know precisely how many have DIED from it or had ADVERSE effects from it. This isn’t included in their redirect-first answer. But then again, this is the CDC, who works closely with Fauci – who was last week referred for criminal charges for lying to Congress. Did Fauci lie to Congress right to their face? This remains to be seen – but if he has no qualms lying to Congress, why would he have an issue providing flip-flopping guidance data to the everyday American.

The next part of the answer from the CDC states that it was authorized for emergency use. That is how a vaccine can make it through years of safety testing for side effects in just a few months. They say they have undergone – and will continue to undergo safety monitoring. 

Well is it safe or not? Effective or not? They have undergone safety monitoring – what was the result? Are they safe? And if they are safe, how effective and why do they need to continue to undergo safety monitoring. All good questions for a reasonable citizen who is not a doctor. 

As it stands there are 5,208 people who would give you a solid “NO” to that question, because they died from Covid even taking the vaccine. This is reported by Many who are hesitant to take the vaccine don’t know that number is so high.


This is all aside from “My Body My Choice” which has been floating around since the Women’s Rights movements in the 70’s and Roe vs Wade. The dual standard comes into focus at the workplace – and many workplaces including hospital and medical related businesses are requiring not only masks but Covid vaccinations now. Hospitals are firing non-vaccinated employees across the country – perhaps the liability is too high now that vaccines exist, hundreds of thousands have the anti-bodies already, and masks are still required in hospitals and medical offices. Is it the insurance companies covering their losses, or is it political in nature – or is it simply an extra safeguard? It becomes subjective to many when they don’t want foreign anti-bodies injected into their body to begin with, and they see others being reinfected anyway. Are things going to turn into us having to show papers? Many are pushing the sacred right to vote in the direction of not requiring an ID – while others are pushing for it, to verify citizens are American. If they can take our word for it in the case of the right to vote, can’t they take our word for it that we don’t have Covid and don’t believe in it’s efficacy or safety?   

Most people are not doctors and are right to hesitate to take the vaccine. Many of our friends are strongly for it or strongly against it – but we are given the liberty to make that decision for ourselves. The consequences can range from not getting an education ( most schools require shots by a given age for admittance ) to not being able to put food on the table because you may have been just fired for standing up for the “My Body My Choice” ideology. Living by our principles can be a good thing, many who have taken the vaccines are protecting their loved ones who may be elderly or immunodeficient, have pre-existing respiratory issues and on and on. People should respect their choices, as they should respect the choice of someone who does not want to.

But when it comes to the workplace, employers are infringing on our rights to life, liberty and happiness as provided in the constitution.



1. Form for Employees Whose Employers Are Requiring Covid-19 Injections

This puts employers in a box. This is a form every employee who is faced with this needs to submit to the authorized officer of their company. It is 100% legally accurate, forces them to respond to your questions (already on the form for you), provide you with all requirements by the FDA, makes them review all of the ways they are breaking the law, and holds them 100% financially responsible, requiring a signature. Read the complete disclosure here 


2. Form for Students Attending Colleges or Universities Requiring Covid-19 Injections

This puts colleges in a box. This is a form every student who is faced with this needs to submit to the authorized officer of their school. It is 100% legally accurate, forces them to respond to your questions (already on the form for you), provide you with all requirements by the FDA, makes them review all of the ways they are breaking the law, and holds them 100% financially responsible, requiring a signature. Read the complete disclosure here




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Forced Vaccinations do not belong in our schools or workplaces. Over 5,208 people have died from Covid after taking the Covid vaccine from its various manufacturers – and these vaccines are only emergency authorized by the FDA. Most drugs take years of safety testing.
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Say no to forced vaccinations. It is a personal choice. We have a right to life, liberty and happiness. Thousands have died from Covid after taking the Covid vaccine, and this isn’t reported in mainstream media. Knowledge is power.
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