Big Tech Censorship: 

The largest Government-sponsored 1st Amendment violations of our time.

People are being silenced, de-platformed, and demonetized, at great expense to discourse and livelihoods on the basis of arbitrary acts of big-tech monopolies implementing vague and discriminately applied terms and policies. We need your support. Involvement, and donations to support our activities around these issues.


Woke-Mobs are manipulating corporations, universities, and tech companies into actions that threaten our society, ruin careers and lives, substantially  all of the time on partisan grounds and without due process, one the most important features of a democratic society.   We the people are fighting this cancer with mobilization and activism and need your support, involvement, and donations. Join a team of activist or donate to our cause to fight forced vaccinations and protect the freedoms we have the CHOOSE.  #Mybodymychoice


My Body My Choice, RIGHT?  WRONG!  Many Universities and Corporations are starting to force their students and workforce to take and prove you have taken the COVID Vaccine as a condition of earning a living or getting an education.  Civil Liberties, including constitutionally-granted exemptions from forced vaccination exist regardless of these actions, and the current vaccines are entirely different in that !) They were brought to market the fastest in world-history, they are experimental MRNA Vaccines with no longevity studies (and appear to only have seasonal protection), 3) are still penetrable by variants, and 4) none of them are approved by the FDA.   Join a team of activist or donate to our cause to fight forced vaccinations and protect the freedoms we have the CHOOSE.  #Mybodymychoice


– Ideological Indoctrination – teaching ideology and propaganda instead of math & history

– Racism Training: Teaching kids to be racist through critical race theory

– School Choice – Our Tax Dollars, Our Choice

– School Admin/Board/Teacher Accountability


– Corporate Power: What Corporate Biilionaire’s are funding
   to influence our “representative” government

– Big Pharma:  Killing the Cure

– Agency Funding:  Conflicts of Interest caused by government agency financial interests

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