Clinical Research Study

Biomarker Search for Patients Vaccinated for COVID19

American Foundation for Civil Liberties & Freedom is launching an independent (non-pharmaceutical based) research study looking at potential biomarkers in patients who have received the COVID19 vaccine with collaboration with esteemed medical collogues Dr. Mary Tally Bowden (BreatheMD), Dr. Aaron Williams and Dr. Ben Marble of My Free Doctor, and Dr. Bruce Patterson.

This three month study will include a minimum of 500 patients and will measure an array of biomarkers in both unvaccinated and vaccinated patients using renowned researcher, Dr Bruce Patterson’s InCellDx assays, as well as other tests. Participants will receive a treatment plan according to Dr. Bruce Patterson’s current protocols for long-haul COVID.

For those of you that may not be aware, long-haul COVID is when individuals continue to experience COVID-like symptoms for up to six months post COVID diagnosis. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, cough, tiredness or fatigue, chest or stomach pain, brain fog etc. This is a serious problem that has been downplayed and needs attention! Our goal is to find a blood test that can detect vaccine injuries in the general population and develop appropriate and inexpensive treatment protocols. Nobody should continue have to continue to suffer from long-haul COVID.

You have the unique opportunity to be part of the solution to this frustrating and debilitating condition that many are enduring, by simply making a financial contribution. We needed to raise $200,000 to cover the cost of this critical research study by July 30, 2022. This is a fast timeline, so please, don’t delay – we can’t do this without your help!


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