Ridin’ Shotgun Day 3: Fri Feb 25, 2022


Ride Shotgun on Day 3

Day 3: Friday, February 25 -20 seats
Morning – Depart Lupton
Evening – Arrive in Glenrio, TX


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Stand For Freedom

Ridin’ Shotgun

We are all truckers as of 11:00 am PST on February 23, 2022!

Our great American Trucker is the tip of the spear in leading the way to winning our freedom back.  We are joining hands and peacefully, loudly, and largely showing our Government that they work for US.

To keep our trucks and convoy rolling we need a war chest.  We are offering the opportunity to make history with us by buying a seat for a day ridin’ shotgun with a trucker!  This will be a full day of ridin’ so grab a slim jim and red bull and roll with the kings of the road!

All riders must do a background check and sign a waiver.  Any expenses for travel back to your home, lodging, meals are at the rider’s own expense.

After securing your seat, you will be contacted with the specific details of your trip.

Day 3: Friday, February 25 20 seats

Morning – Depart Lupton

Evening – Arrive in Glenrio, TX

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