The AFCLF Difference


The AFCLF – Fighting for American Civil Liberties and Freedoms

We are People Powered:
The AFCLF – Fighting for American Civil Liberties and Freedoms

decentralized, people-powered movement for Activism and Action for Civil Liberties.  It is comprised of various Boards, Operational Committees, Issue Committees, and Activism Counsels.  The AFCLF can make a greater impact per operational dollar given our unique ability to mobilize engagement nationally based on issues that matter to WE THE PEOPLE, and as a consequence of taking a holistic approach to issues uncharacteristic of most non-profits in the country. 

There is a place for all talents:  Many people struggle with this.   They feel compelled, if not called, to step up, stand up, volunteer, or activate, but they don’t know how.  Many we have spoken with have reached out to other non-profits only to get no response whatsoever, or they wonder if they have the skills or talents to make a difference.  The truth is, we cannot take our Civil Liberties for granted.  Each of us has a role, and the AFCLF’s mission is to truly harness and support the talents, skills, and passion of We The People to provide meaningful engagement, activism and volunteerism for issues that matter. 

We are Transpartisan:
In this day an age, almost everything has been politicized.   The politicization of everything has created a great and unnecessary division of our population and a new cancer of ideological racism that has in-fact become the most prevalent form of systemic racism of our time.  The one thing that transcends partisanship is our Civil Liberties and Freedoms.  While the issues taken on by We The People may have been politicized by politicians, the issues and approach to the issues is explicitly non-partisan and based on constitutional protections guaranteed to all Americans. 

Your Issues, Our Issues, Our Support:
The AFCLF creates structure, infrastructure, fundraising support, and organizing/activism training for the people of America to organize on issues that matter to them most.   We also seek sponsors to support key leaders and the support organization to facilitate the most superior OUTCOMES that matter to our society.

Holistic Approach:
Each of our people-powered issues involve a holistic approach to being the most effective. Nobody builds a house with just a hammer. We combine advocacy, lobbying, activism, volunteerism, media/transparency and other tools available in the best combinations to achieve the missions that are important to We The People.

We have both a 501(c)(3) and a 501(c)(4): 
The AFCLF, like other Civil Liberties organizations, is a charitable organization focused on education, activism, volunteerism, lobbying, advocacy, and litigation support for the most pressing Civil Liberties and Freedom issues of our time.   We run on the support of donors who resonate with our mission, or are passionate about specific issues we support. 

Every dollar of support goes extremely far given the people-power behind the movement, and how resonant and in-touch the issues we support are with the American Public.   Our 501(c)(4) focuses on changing policy, lobbying efforts (on a transpartisan basis only), while our sister organization, the AFCLF Foundation is a charity that focuses on education, action training, activism, charity to causes related to our people-powered issues, volunteerism, media (countering MSM Propaganda), and an infrastructure for We The People to hold our representative government accountable..

The AFCLF – Fighting for American Civil Liberties and Freedoms