What is CRT or Critical Race Theory? And Why Is It Wrong to Teach It? 

CRT It is a false, racist, Marxist idealogy that proposes that America as we know it is based upon and controlled by mechanisms or systems of government that are inherently racist, and create inequality. People pushing this racist propaganda will even claim that this racism is not about the individual person, but a system-wide or systemic label. Systemic: adjective: “relating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part.”

The proponents of these false ideas claim to be victims of the racist environment they perceive around them, and want to teach our children in public schools to identify a particular race as an oppressor, and another race as the oppressed. This requires an entire group to racially-profile a person and identify them as a threat to the equality of outcome for the perceived oppressed group. It then requires the group to racially profile entire HR departments, entire companies, entire organizations and even the entire country.

Origins: Many do not know that CRT is a Marxist ( a.k.a Soviets / Communists ) idea and has it’s roots in CT – or Critical Theory. It is the essense of identity politics that make no room for the individual ( obviously some people are NOT racist ). Instead the supposedly “oppressed” label an entire group or race as bad and oppressive and generate more distrust between ordinary people and between the governments than they already do, often with good cause.  The Frankfurt School in Germany had been the only other group teaching Marxist idealogy outside of Russia. As fascism – the other scourge of government – began to rise in Nazi Germany, this school of thought and it’s disciples escaped Germany to plant their anti-American seeds in our beautiful country.

Since then it has spread across the country, most notably to the West coast where communism and Marxism is lauded and statues of Lenin abound. The Democratic Socialist party has a long history here in the United States of attempting to tear down the democratic republic that is the United States of America. They are constantly attempting to stomp out dissention and attempting to assassinate history – this is what Critical Race Theory and Communism does.

It pits people any race, any color, Blacks, and minorities against other races – including Whites and Asians. This is done under the false virtues of cancel culture’s social justice. It spits in the face of the Civil Rights movements of the 60s which accomplished so much for people of color.

The Absurd Pillars of Critical Race Theory Include:

1. The historical truth does not matter – only new re-written history is accepted, as understood through “lived experiences” of living people. Obviously would limit that person’s data in making solid choices. History? For what?

2. The individual is labeled either as a victim or the oppressor – this is wrong. This probably offends anyone who grew up treating others equally and with respect, as taught in many traditional homes. It also doesn’t account for people of a mixed race, are they half oppressor and half victim? Neither, they are their own person capable of making their environment a product of them, and not the other way around. 

3. America is systemically racist and must be dismantled – obviously our nation’s soil, trees, cars and technology itself isn’t racist, but of course one group is. The people who own the land, the people own the car factory or own the technology are – and pretty much anyone who doesn’t agree with them is racist and needs to have their bias ‘fixed’.

Remember, if it’s a liberal or a person of color doing the racial profiling – as long as it’s against Whites or Asians then the systemic racism is somehow ok, I guess. No, that is ridiculous. Anything capitalist or fascist ( or not Marxist ), is automatically biased or racist and should be silenced and erased from history. 

Sound familiar? Usually we refer to people who think like this as Nazi’s – but silencing opposition and re-writing history is also a tenet of fascist regimes as well. Unfounded hate, is what both these ideologies all share.

What we need is compassion and respect. Education, love, respect, accountability, responsibility, passing down strong values of individualism and personal freedom and the value of history – these are some of the things needed to mend the divide in our country today.


Does some of this theory sound racist to you? It should, because it IS!

How many inalienable civil rights laws can one ideology step on and be considered acceptable let alone being injected into our public school systems? Yet socialism / communism, have seeped their way into the American education system, attempting to brainwash each successive generation.

Ironically, only in a truly free country could this type of backwards ideology get floated around as actual curriculum material. It’s easy to vote communism in, it’s hard to shoot your way out.

As if public schools aren’t bad enough cranking out socialist robots like a nationalized factory – now they are cranking out kids that hate others or themselves based on the color of their skin.



– CRT was born out of Critical Theory, a Marxist / communist philosophy. So was BLM.

– Socialist regimes like China, Russia and Venezuela are Marxist-communist.

– Like Communists tend to do, they want to rewrite American history and reteach it.

– It is racist itself. It requires racial profiling and painting entire races as victim or oppressor.

– It is brainwashing children of all colors into hating each other.

– If schools finally decide to teach, they should not be teaching hate and promoting victimhood.

– Schools should create competent, educated citizens, promote and celebrate our diversity

– Schools should stay out of politics, especially from an early age.

– You are not a product of your environment. You are an individual.

– Fanatics burn books and start their own curriculums, silence opposition.

Exercise your Freedom of Speech While You Still Have It



American Citizens Have Been Granted Some Tools to Fight for Transparency in Dark Times:

1. Did you Know YOU Can Submit a Freedom of Information ( FOIA ) Request because you have BOTH the right to access to the debate of what is being taught in your nation’s schools – and in the decision making process of your elected officials.

The government is required to hand over the records if you submit a FOIA. This is available to every US citizen because of “Open records laws” and other smart legislation for transparency.

Click Here to Learn More About FOIA Requests


2. Call Your Federal Legislators and demand they get behind Congressman Chip Roy’s bill, the Combatting Racist Teaching in Schools Act (H.R. 3163). This legislative bill would prohibit the use of federal funds from going to any elementary, secondary school, or college that promotes race-based ideologies. 

In Addition, this scourge is now infesting our Military, consider demanding that they also support Congressman Dan Bishop’s bill to keep the communist CRT curriculum out of the military. Demand that legislators near and far should support the “Combatting Racist Training in the Military Act of 2021” (H.R. 3134). 


“Hi, my name is [FIRST NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY].



I am calling to urge Representative [NAME] to reject critical race theory in all forms. Critical race theory is destructive and rejects the fundamental ideas on which our constitutional republic is based. Applying the philosophy would violate a multitude of American civil rights laws by treating people differently according to race. It should not be elevated in American classrooms or in our military.

Representative [NAME] should support two bills that would reject critical race theory: the “Combatting Racist Teaching in Schools Act” (H.R. 3163) and the “Combatting Racist Training in the Military Act of 2021” (H.R. 3134). 


Government funded bias has no place in our classrooms, our military, or in our country. Please support these bills. Thank you for your time and have a great day.”


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Critical Race Theory should NOT be taught in schools, especially American schools and institutions. It is racist, and has it’s roots in Marxism / communism. Don’t be fooled.
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Urge Your State Legislators, House Representatives and Senators to REJECT Critical Race Theory. It’s Roots Are Founded in Communism. Don’t be fooled, it IS racism.
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